"Woman on Top" Sex Positions That Put You in Control

You'll never want to go back to mish.
You'll *never* wanna go back to missionary after trying out these incredible woman on top sex positions.

Famous Sex Tourism (12 Places)

12 Places That Are Famous For Sex Tourism

1. Dominican Republic
Many Caribbean countries are seeing an increase in sex commercial enterprise, particularly feminine sex commercial enterprise, and the state is not any exception. it’s calculable that anywhere from sixty Thousand to a lakh girls are added to the sex exchange.The country’s sex commercial enterprise trade could also be thus standard thanks to its relative accessibility from each the US and Europe.

"Missionary Sex Position" 5 Exciting Ways

5 Exciting Ways to Take Missionary Sex to the Next Level
Missionary sex gets a bad rap because it's the no. 1 position for square heteros. Which, yeah. But it's also a favourite because it's damn good: There's lots of eye contact, you can feel his weight on you, he gets inside you nice and deep ... so deep ... and ... I'm sorry, what was I saying? Oh, yes, so please go ahead and keep banging away missionary-style, without shame. And if you do want to spice things up, step up your game with some of these sexy tweaks.

Nude Beaches: Take It All Off!

These beaches are the perfect places to work on that all-over tan.

While nude beaches remain largely taboo, there are a number of strands, from North and South America to the Caribbean and Europe, that cater to naturists and those who want to feel sun and air on completely bare skin. Here's a list of the best beaches where these sun worshippers can shed their skivvies and work on an all-over tan.

6 Anal Sex Positions for Beginners

Calling all anal sex newbies: doggy style is not the only way (thank f). There's a whole other world of techniques for booty fun, and the sex experts at BuzzPinky have outlined 5 must-try anal sex positions for beginners. By the way, ALWAYS use lube.