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Figging. It sounds like something pleasant, right? Well, in a sense, you’re right, but the image that comes to mind probably isn’t what you’re thinking of—there aren’t any soft fruits here.
Figging is when you insert peeled ginger root into your anus
Does it burn? Hell yeah it does, but in the best way.
How’d I find out about it? It was simple—I really love ginger. And when I say love, I mean I love it more than the porno mags I knew my dad used to keep in the box in his closet. I practically attacked them whenever my parents weren’t home. I love ginger that much.

My obsession with ginger:
Growing up, the only good restaurant in town was a Chinese place a few blocks from my house. My family went almost every week and, from about the time I was six on, I had one meal—ginger chicken. It was my go-to. I loved the spiciness of the ginger, how alive it made my mouth feel.
Soon after, I discovered sushi and fell in love with pickled ginger.
When I learned about Moscow Mules , well, my obsession hit in full force.
I needed more ginger in my life. I found teas, I found recipes, I found everything I could. There were always a few knuckles of fresh ginger around my kitchen, ready to cook with.

Then THIS happened:
One night, my life changed entirely. I was at a club with my new girlfriend. She was pretty kinky—the kinkiest I’d ever had before—and always ready for something new. We were a few Moscow mules in, and I was feeling good. The ginger beer was made at the bar and my mouth was buzzing just as much as my head. She had her foot on my cock under the table as we sat there. I was rock hard and all I could think about was getting back to the apartment to fuck her.
She’d just bought a new gag and she was ready to try it out. She was the one that introduced me to a bunch of different BDSM activities and I was absolutely loving it. Before her, I’d never been spanked, never been choked . Hell, I’d barely done it any way beyond your standard missionary. I had a boring sex life with boring girls.
This new girl, though, damn. Within a week of us dating, she had me handcuffed to the bed and I’d never cum so hard in my life. I didn’t know I had that much in me, either.
We finished our drinks and left the bar, her hand in my pocket, her fingers brushing my still semi-hard cock.
When we got back she told me to put a blindfold on and strip, then wait for her in bed. I obeyed her commands and waited.
I could hear her in the kitchen, but couldn’t figure out what she was doing. A bit later she told me to roll over onto my stomach. A moment after that, she told me to relax. She spread my legs apart a little. I caught a whiff of my favorite spice as she was moving around and I smiled. I thought she had massage oil ready.
In the very next moment, I felt her sliding something in my ass. It wasn’t huge and it slid easily. After a few inches she stopped. She was quiet and unmoving, I didn’t know what was going on. In the next few minutes, I started to feel a warm sensation in my asshole, which turned into more of a pleasant burning.
“You’ve been a bad boy,” she said, and smacked my ass.
I clenched involuntarily and the heat exploded inside me. It hurt, but it also felt amazing. She said she was going to keep spanking me and I kept clenching, sending waves of heat and pleasant pain throughout my body.

My girlfriend continued this for the next 20 minutes. Finally, I felt her pull the piece of ginger from my ass. She pulled the blindfold off soon after that. It was only then that she explained what she was doing. Figging, she called it. It was in that moment I knew I found one of my new favorite kinks.
How to prepare the ginger “plug”
To participate in figging is easy and cheap. You don’t need a ton of equipment, and the equipment that you do need—a knife or peeler—is super cheap. If you like the taste of ginger in your mouth, then you’re going to love the feeling of it in your ass or, if you’re a girl, even your vagina.

To start, you’re going to need to select a knuckle of ginger that’s long enough to insert and not get stuck—trust me, you don’t want to get it stuck in there. While it’s pleasurably painful in short doses, longer exposure will become pretty painful and not in the good kind of way.
Unpeeled ginger you can find at the grocery
Once you have a piece, you’re going to want to peel it. You see, the essential oils in the ginger root are what produce the sensations you’re looking for while figging. If you don’t peel away the outer layer, there’s no way to create skin contact with those oils.

A perfectly peeled plug:
If you’re going to be using for anal insertion, you’ll want to carve a notch toward the bottom of the piece (see the pic above). This notch will help the ginger root stay in place during the second part of figging (the fun part).
If you’re going to use it for pussy play, make sure to carve a bit of a handle on the end of the ginger. You may need to find a piece that’s slightly longer, because you’ll want a handle that it at least two inches long. Finding these at the store is easy enough.

Wash your hands!
Once you’ve peeled and carved the ginger, wash your hands. Can’t stress this enough. That pleasant sensation you’re about to feel in your ass? You don’t want that in your eyes at all. You also don’t want to peel the ginger, get the oils on your hand, and then touch your partner’s eyes.

Get ready for a new sensation:
Once all your prep work is done, the fun starts. Have your partner lay face down on the bed and spread their legs a little. You don’t need any kind of lube for figging—the oils in the ginger make it slide in easily enough—so begin by sliding the ginger root into the ass until you hit the notch.

Let it sit there for a little bit. The sensation isn’t immediate. It takes time. It’ll start as a tingle, develop into a subtle warmth, then turn into a burn over time. That’s part of the fun of figging—the buildup and the anticipation of everything.
When the heat has begun, the best part begins. Spanking and other types of impact play are important here, because forcing the person to clench causes the sensation to intensify immensely. Spanking and riding crops or whips are great tools to use during a session of figging.
If you’re up for it, a little bit of each mixes it up and keeps your partner guessing. Regardless, tensing also lessens the pain of the impact itself. If your partner doesn’t tense, then they take the full impact of the spank.
It’s a beautiful win-win scenario: if you’re the one with the ginger in you, you can either accept the pain from the spank or from the ginger. It’s up to you to decide what sort of pain you want to accept. A typical session of figging should only last about twenty minutes.
It’s a good idea after that to switch it up, and spread the pleasure around a little more.

Tried regular figging and not finding it good enough?
Well guess what? There’s a way to increase the sensations. All you need to do is ferment the ginger before you use it.
To ferment it, take your piece and seal it in a plastic bag, then put it in the freezer. Leave it there for a few days. When you come back to it, it might have mold spots on it—that’s completely normal.
Peel and carve the ginger as usual and you’ll have a more intense feeling because of the fermentation.
You can age the ginger root for different periods of time to find the perfect amount of sensation.
If you’re looking for a little extra fun when it comes to vagina play, you can carve a little notch near the top of the ginger root and use that to press against the clit when you’re working the ginger in and out of the pussy.

In the end, I’ve learned that figging has been a boon to my sex life. The hot pain that comes from clenching around the fresh ginger root makes me feel alive, just as if I was first tasting that ginger chicken again. Now that I’ve tried it, I’m never going back to not using it in the bedroom.
Expand your kink knowledge
Breathplay: yes, choking someone can be lots of fun in the bedroom.
Ever stuck a metal rod in your penis? I have.

Make your girl wet the bed with these orgasmic tips!

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Be Sure To Warm Your Doll Up
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Sex Doll Sex Best Practices
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Are Sex Dolls Better Than Real Women?

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Oral, vaginal and anal capabilities.

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Largest Sex Doll Factory In America (USA)

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San Diego-based photographer Robert Benson may have made a career shooting interior design editorials and glossy portraits, but on his off-hours he’s drawn to the weird and off-kilter. Between paying jobs, he has traveled to Texas, Idaho and Oregon to shoot the trophy rooms of hard-core hunters , and in Southern California he documented surreal homes covered with circus tents while they are sprayed for termites.
It’s no surprise, then, that when he discovered that the largest sex doll factory in America was practically in his backyard, he had to go photograph it.

The factory for Abyss Creations, the creators of the high-end, startlingly lifelike RealDolls, is located in a nondescript building in a business district of San Marcos, California. Though the exterior bares no sign, once you’re inside it’s hard to mistake the business for anything else: a showroom featuring the $5,000-and-up customizable sex dolls opens up to a split-level factory where the dolls are made. Last year, Benson spent a day on the factory floor documenting the surreal environment, precise process, and surprising level of craftsmanship that goes into making the
“Rolls Royce of sex dolls.”

“Everything was unusual,” says Benson. “There were boxes of eyeballs and different body parts and shelves of penises.” Factory workers create the doll bodies by pouring silicon into one large mold, then assemble the other features–head, breasts, faces–at different workstations. In one of Benson’s photos, doll heads are lined up on the floor drying after their faces had been painted on by the makeup artists on staff. Elsewhere in the factory, a man touches up a headless body hanging from the ceiling by a chain. These scenes are made all the more eerie because of how realistic the dolls look.
“I would get inches away from one of these dolls and they are amazingly lifelike,” says Benson, “If they suddenly sprang to life it wouldn’t be much of a stretch.”
For the seasoned factory workers, of course, the novelty wore off years ago. The place operates just like any other factory or workplace, Benson says, with people going about their jobs and talking about sports and the weather. “To them, their surroundings aren’t weird or unusual,” he says. Case in point: One of Benson’s photos depicts the company’s founder, Matt McMullen, toiling away at his desk, seemingly unfazed by four naked dolls sprawled out on the shelf above him.


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