How to 69 (Sex Position)

I don't know about you, but when I first heard about 69ing in school, I was full on confused. Like, what do you put where? And how does it work? What is this simultaneous oral sex everyone's talking about? There seems to be so much that can go wrong. So many potential awks situations.

Now, having tried quite a few variations of the position, I can confirm it's loads of fun and not as scary/awkward as you might imagine. Plus, the pure beauty of 69 is that anyone of any sexuality of gender can do it. For anyone who's new to 69ing and wants to know what on earth it's all about, Master Louis at UberKinky is here to explain...

How to Orgasm: 8 Step

How to orgasm: Step 1 - Practice on yourself

Trying to orgasm  is often a woman's biggest sexual frustration, it just doesn't always come as easily as it does for men.

'Cyber Sex has Ruined my Relationship'

 About a year ago, I discovered that my husband had been having cyber sex for quite some time.

Then he started phoning a woman he'd met online until I caught him on the phone to her. Now it's stopped and we've talked about it, but when we're out together he ignores me and flirts with other women.

America's Best Nude Beaches

naked woman in the sunset
Because those stodgy, only-semi-nude beaches are for total squares and the Amish, we've scoured the nation in search of the best places to drop trou and finally give your manhood the much needed attention -- and tan -- it's always... deserved? From being buff in the bluffs of Torrey Pines to spotting some high-beams at Lighthouse Beach, these are the top seven nude beaches in the US. 

World's Best Nude Beaches

If there's one problem with nude beaches, it's that you can't control who actually takes off their clothes. Also, sand gets everywhere . Even so, they're still better than regular beaches by virtue of one simple fact -- they have naked people .

Here's our list of the 15 most sizzling seaside spots around the globe to soak up the sun, au naturel.