Is it possible to masturbate too often?

Masturbation is typically a normal and healthy part of any human being’s life, but (as with all good things) there actually is such a thing as too much. The term “over-masturbation” refers to excessive masturbation, nearing the level of compulsion. Masturbation is considered too frequent when it interferes with other important aspects of your life, such as work responsibilities or social activity. Frequent masturbation may lead to a friction burn on the genitals, which is a superficial skin abrasion. Friction burns can be quite painful, but they will heal quickly if the area is free from irritation. Be sure to use some form of lubrication to avoid this friction and resulting inflammation. In short, as long as you are not doing any harm to yourself, there is no limit to how much you can masturbate.

Is it normal to feel weak after masturbation?

I have been masturbating while lying on my stomach, and have been feeling weak afterwards. Is this normal?
First, know that many women (and men) masturbate while lying on their stomachs. Many do it because they can exert more pressure on their genitals, but this method has been known to cause temporary difficulty reaching orgasm through other stimulation because other kinds cannot replicate the pressure of this masturbation. While we do not want to deter anyone from self-exploration, we are concerned by the negative side effects that can occur. We encourage that if anyone feels weak after prone masturbation they should see a doctor immediately and stop using this method completely until the reason for these symptoms are found. It is also possible that these symptoms are unrelated to the masturbation technique, and in that case, only a doctor has the expertise and training to try and diagnose the cause. If anyone would like to learn more about masturbation, we recommend checking out our articles on different forms of masturbation and
masturbation tips .

Oh What a Night (Erotica)

The car door opens and you step in. The smile, hug and welcome kiss is all I remembered it to be. A few minutes talking and we head off to dinner, at a place you choose.
Over a leisurely dinner and drinks we talk, smile and joke across the table.
On the drive up the motorway your hand nestles in mine as we continue the small talk. The walk from the car park to my room is short, but it's cold. On entering the room you move to the heater which has been on for the last few hours warming the place up. As I pass you, you reach out and pull me close for another lingering soft kiss while we caress each other.
While you use the bathroom I make the drinks, placing them beside the bed. On your return we sit on the bed, kissing and caressing each other. Removing our outer clothing we get under the sheets, still exploring each other's bodies, slowly taking off each others remaining clothing.
Slowly, incrementally our passion builds until you take me inside you. After a few minutes of gentle movement your reach your first, but not your last, orgasm of the night.
Some time later we are both spent physically, and we lie in each others arms still softly kissing, caressing and talking. After a while you say you are now too tired to be taken home and offer to stay the night, something I will never object to.
It is still relatively early when we both fall asleep, your head on my shoulder. For the next 8 hours we sleep,with me occasionally waking and reaching for your slim firm body, pulling you close in my sleep.
As daylight lightens the skylight I gently wake you, to be rewarded with another bright smile and a soft 'Good morning'.

Best Sex in my Life- So Far!

I'd been seeing my cute/petite g/f (not bad for an average looking guy aye) for 3 or 4 yrs before it got 'boring' (this usually occurs at the 2yr mark for me) and I started cheating-even with other guys.Anyway one day the g/f comes home with some goodys and we sat n smoked for a gd 4-5 hrs,followed by 4-5 hrs dancing......came home and F like wild animals (almost) for another 4-5 hrs, boy ive never cum so much in my life-must of shot 4 maybe 5 times and a gd wod each time too-especially on the last squirt when id thought it wasn't gonna happen in my now 'soft n flassid' stage...she gradually scratched n tickled my all and slowly gave me the dildo right in my g spot aka the male clit-yip yr prostate gland-that's exactly where its at and why most if not all guys so want their rear end tuned so to speak.Sadly most guys just like me a far too shy to ask incase it places the 'gay' card upon us-which is exactly what my now x done to me when we split.....we lasted 5yrs all up and 'high' sex was what kept it going.Unfortunatly for me we dint get to swing-that would of 'iced' the cake providing the third party was also high n kinky-m or f,it wouldn't have mattered either when yr high and in the heat of the recommend this to anyone of sane mindset-you still know exactly whats going on and around you,hold a normal conversation etc,but allways remember moderation is the key and if you can determin the diff between use and abuse you'll be fine.....hope you enjoyed my true story-I look forward to reading yours!

How can I reach Orgasm during masturbation?

I am a female and I have difficulty making myself orgasm when masturbating. How can I masturbate more effectively?
Many females struggle with reaching orgasm while masturbating or participating in other forms of sex. There are some tips to help anyone self-stimulate with the hopes of reaching what one may define as sexual pleasure. We’d like to preface with the fact that an orgasm does not imply that one ejaculates, or “cums.” The majority of women simply do not produce ejaculate when they experience orgasm. An orgasm does not necessarily need to be the goal in any sexual experience. It is important to realize that an orgasm does not mean the experience was successful – the entire series of emotions and sensitized reactions are important to notice and enjoy during sexual activity. Lastly, we would like to add that for all of the following masturbation methods it is very important to be certain that any object used for masturbation is clean and sanitized – this includes toys, fingers and any other tool viewed as most pleasurable.
First, it is important to lay back, relax, and find a private and quiet place to focus on some time alone with yourself. Release any external stresses and just focus on the present and the sensations running through all of the nerves in your body.
Method #1: Manually. Use your finger(s) to rub your genitals. You don’t need to insert your fingers into your vaginal canal if you don’t want to, but simply rub up and down the external genitalia (also known as the “vulva”) and focus on your clitoris. You can rub your clitoris in a circular motion, up and down or by any other technique you find enjoyable. For heightened pleasure, you can suggest use a lubricant – whether it is self-lubrication or store-bought (for example, KY Jelly) – this gives added stimulation. We also recommend using your three weakest fingers (pinky, ring and middle fingers) if the index finger proves to be too intense. If you feel loosened up after a little while of doing this, you can try to insert one of your (smaller) fingers into your vaginal canal and see if that feels good to you. Some women can only achieve climax via coital stimulation (vaginal penetration). There is also a sensitive spot called the G-spot on the anterior wall of the vagina that feels pleasurable when given the right amount of pressure and attention. Check out our link on the G-spot here!
Method #2: Water play. Running water flowing onto the clitoris and vulva tends to give a similar feeling to that of a vibrator. As the water flows and ebbs onto your bare genitalia, the clitoris tends to become erect from arousal. You might consider investing in a hand-held shower head, which can also come with different functions, and can be used while in the shower. One can also use special jets in the bathtub or Jacuzzi, or utilize the faucet to pour water over the clitoris.
Method #3: Riding. You can also masturbate with or without your clothes on by riding on top of something, usually a semi-hard corner that you can straddle your legs over. We do suggest that the surface be sanitary and cleaned both before and after use.
These methods can be a good start for effective masturbation. As you become more comfortable with your body and the kind of pleasure you prefer, you can try more masturbation methods and toys to enhance your experience. For more tips and information about female masturbation.