Best Sex Positions For Couples :- Man on Top Positions

By Howard Frank: Man on top positions are some of the best sex positions for couples and are also the easiest ones to experiment with. By no means am I saying that man on top positions are the best but simply some of the best sex positions for couples. This is especially true for couples who are looking to.....
try new positions and maintain a high lever of intimacy.

Man on top, or missionary, positions offer the most intimacy and affection by allowing you and your partner the ability to watch and enjoy the expressions of pleasure on each others faces. The missionary position is also the most versatile position that is easily altered into a wide variety and therefore creating some of the best sex positions for couples.

Stated simply the missionary position has the women on her back with the man positioned between her thighs. This position is excellent for deep penetration and is very intimate as the bodies remain so close together.

With some slight alterations you can experiment with these best sex positions for couples:
  • The Anvil: With the women lying on her back she raises her feet till they are resting on her partners shoulders. This allows for even deeper penetration and allows excellent clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
  • The Oyster: For this best sex position for couples, the woman brings her thighs against her stomach, while lying on her back, and the man holds her knees and thighs in place and uses them as a guide for penetration with a regular rhythm.
  • The Deep Stick: For this position, the man is kneeling as the woman is on her back resting both legs on his shoulders. The penetrative angle is very deep due to the woman's leg angle. The clitoral stimulation enhances along as her leg-opening squeezes her partner tightly inside and against her clitoris.
If you and your partner are looking for some positions to try that still maintain a deep level of intimacy I highly recommend trying these three man on top best sex positions for couples.

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