Best Sex Positions For Couples - Woman on Top Positions

By Howard Frank: Woman on top positions truly are some of the best sex positions for couples, especially for women. While beneficial to both partners these best positions for couples allow her to control the depth and motions of penetration.......

Different woman on top positions allow her to change the angles of penetration and allow for better clitoral stimulation. If you are looking for some of the best sex positions for couples that concentrate on clitoral stimulation then look no further.

Due to the large variety of woman on top positions, she can easily kneel over her partner, squat over her partner or recline on her partner therefore allowing her to change the position and areas being stimulated. Here are three relatively unknown best sex positions for couples with the woman on top:
  • Andromatique: For this sex position the man is lying on his back while the woman places herself on top of him, crouching or kneeling, keeping her torso straight up. She can then control the rhythm and the depth of penetration while stimulating her clitoris.
  • Scorpion: For this position the woman straddles her partner backward, she then gradually falls back on the chest of the man. This gives the man full range to caress her body while stimulating her sexually.
  • See Saw: For this sex position the man is lying down as the woman sits on his erect penis while using her feet for support or she can kneel down on both sides of his hips for greater stimulation.
If you and your partner are looking for some of the best sex positions for couples that will help you change up your routine and provide excellent stimulation of her then try these and other woman on top positions. I think that both of you will be pleasantly surprised.

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