How Sex Can Better Your Health

7 Sex Reasons Why Sexual Intercourse Is Good For You - How Sex Can Better Your Health

By Kacy Carr: Is sex bad for your health? Apparently not. And even if it was, I'll put money on it that you are not going to get many people to stop bonking. Come on, no sex, it's not on! As if things aren't bad enough as it is, where a great many of us have already been told to cut out, or cut down on the things we enjoy and love doing, but to be....
told no sex, well that's when people draw the line. I believe if people were told they'd live longer having no sex - then the vast majority would be popping their clogs a lot earlier than anticipated. Why would anyone want to live a miserable life thinking about sex, when they can do it, and have people say they died living a happy one.
Is sex bad for your health? No! Now we've been given the green light to say getting your leg over is doing your body some good, let us change the question too: What are the health benefits from having sex?

Sex is good for the heart: Like any physical exertion, sex is a type of cardio-exercise, which gets the heart pumping faster. The heart needs to be exercised for it to stay in shape. Research revealed men who have sex two or more times weekly cut the risk of a fatal heart attack by fifty percent. If you are not having sex for whatever reason, do some jogging or go for a brisk walk. Keep the heart healthy and your performance between the sheets will go from strength to strength.

Sex helps lose weight: Most sex maniacs you'll find are skinny. This is worrying because people say I'm skinny, oh well the cats out of the bag so no making excuses. Like any form of exercise, sex helps shed the pounds. A thirty minute sex session can burn off 85 calories. To put that in perspective: 15 minutes working out on the treadmill can likely burn up to 200 calories; 42 of these 30 minute sessions, then, can take a pound off your body weight.

Sex boosts the immune system: Although sex is good for your health, there is the matter of safe sex. If you have unprotected sex then it can be bad for you. There is a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases that can happen through being silly and not using a condom. Sex is always going to be bad if there's a possibility of an STD being passed on. People who have sex once or twice a week have been shown to have higher levels of immunoglobulin A or IgA, an antibody which helps protect them from respiratory diseases like the common cold and influenza. Nonetheless you mustn't get greedy because, research discovered those who had sex three or more times a week had the lowest levels of antibodies.

Sex lessens the risk of prostate cancer: Study found that men in their early 20s who had five or more ejaculations weekly were a third less likely to develop the cancer in later years.

Sex eases stress: The medical description for the mood increase sex gives people includes, the brain releases endorphins during and after sexual intercourse, and these neurotransmitters generate a feeling of euphoria while disguising the negative effects of stress. Study showed sex lowers blood pressure, which helps people manage stressful situations better.

Sex relieves pain: Endorphins are freed during sexual intercourse because of the heightened levels of the hormone oxytocin in the human body. This supposedly relieves arthritic and period pains, and more. Lower blood pressure is good for migraine relief.

Sex helps you sleep: Does it though? Would I be right in saying that this would depend on how long you're at it, and the length of time it takes, and maybe what's involved? If explosive sex is included then wouldn't anybody be exhausted and ready to give it some shut-eye afterwards? Sex doesn't haven't to be full on and action packed for you to lie back when it's over, and nod off. In addition to relieving stress and pain, the oxytocin created during sex helps you sleep better. Sex relaxes you, encouraging deeper, more restful sleep.
Take this information on board, and not only will you see sex as something you do, but now something that needs to be done to stay healthy and in shape. Show this to the wife and there may be no need for headache tablets again.

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