How to Have the Best Sex Ever

How to Have the Best Sex Ever - The Do's and Don'ts of Great Sex

We have to admit that it's definitely exciting to be have sizzling bed sessions with your love all the time, but it's a skill you need to practice on for a while. Try to be a little patient on this one --- the rewards will be totally worth it in the end believe me. Below are a few tips on how to have the best sex ever --- get to have great sex for the rest of your life now!
  • Do it a lot. Who says you can't? There's no such thing as too much sex but there's definitely an issue if you can't have sex at all --- so why stop the urge? Just make sure your partner is all heated up as much as you are. Get each other in the mood and you'll be having one hell of a night all the time. 
  • Don't skip foreplay. Ever. That's like a crime while making love with a woman. If you want her moaning and screaming your name, you better do some effort man --- but don't worry, you'll be enjoying every minute of it as well. Take it slow and easy and everything's going to be alright --- and much more.
  • Don't be self-centered. Be sensitive with her needs. Don't just have sex with her with the sole reason of satisfying your own carnal urges and raging hormones --- be sensitive with her breathing, moans, groans and gasps --- they will reveal more (and pleasure you more!) that you can ever imagine.
  • Do get creative. Don't just get stuck with the routine --- try to be open to new things as much as you can --- especially with sex. There are a lot of other sexual positions you can learn --- it's time to get a little unconventional and explore beyond the usual missionary position.
  • Don't do it quick. Although quickies have their advantages, doing it like "doing it" is better. A quickie is just something you do out of sheer spur-of-the-moment hard-on with the inconvenience of where to do it, so why do that if you can actually make your girl anticipate for it? Build sexual tension as much as you can before the need and you'll be in cloud nine way before you even realize it. Enjoy!
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