How to Increase Ejaculatory Control and Last Longer in Bed

How to Increase Your Ejaculatory Control and Last Longer in Bed

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems that men suffer with. It is more common in younger men. Though most men learn to control their ejaculations with time and experience, some tips can prove highly effective in...
making you last longer during intercourse.

Here are some simple and easy ways that can make you last longer in bed:

1. Stop Being Anxious
Performance anxiety not only inhibits your from getting a hard erection but can also turns you into a one minute man. Stop thinking about your performance if you want to be a great lover.
Just try to relax, take a deep breath and focus on how things feel in your body. Try to focus on feelings that your body is producing.
Yet another powerful strategy to reduce anxiety is to practice yoga. Yoga is an excellent exercise form that helps you gain better control of all your body movements, including breathing and ejaculatory control.

2. Strengthen Your Core Muscles
Believe it or not, stronger core muscles can make you last longer in bed. Men who have stronger abdominal muscles can go on making love for longer durations.
Building core muscles is great for your sex life. So, if you want to last longer in bed, try to build stronger abs.

3. Slow Down
Slowing down can help you last longer during sex. Take your time and thrust slowly. Stop when you feel you are reaching the point of no return and begin again after a few moments.
Another technique to prevent premature ejaculation is to try and think of something else like your baseball game etc. while having intercourse. This is technique that a lot of men use. However, the negative side of this technique is that it can shift your focus and cut down pleasure.
Changing your position can also bring about a huge difference in your ejaculatory control. When the woman is on top, your abdomen will relax and this can make you last longer than when you are on top. As a matter of fact, it is up to you to find out what position suits you the best.

4. Try Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus terrestris is a powerful herb that is used in a lot of natural male enhancement pills and supplements. It is also known as Yellow Vine, Puncture Vine, Caltrop etc. One of its most effective features is that it can help boost testosterone in your body. Apart from this, it is also extremely effective in treating premature ejaculation in men.
This herb can help increase your staying power immensely within a few weeks.

5. Try a Natural Erection Gel or Penis Pills
Apart from the above, you can also try a natural male enhancement pill or gel to last longer in bed. Such pills and gels are made with herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals that enhance rigidity of your erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. They can boost your stamina and staying power too.
A topical gel works very quickly since it releases the ingredients directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive track. Another benefit of such a gel is that it can desensitize your penis, so that you feel less sensation down there during intercourse. This can help you control ejaculation for a longer duration.
It is not surprising that erections gels and oils are highly popular among men.
Top of the line pills and gels do not have adverse side effects and they are recommended by doctors too.

So, if you want to last longer in bed, check out the best erection gel that can help you get harder and longer lasting erections.
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