Best Sex Positions to Give Her the Most Powerful Orgasms Ever

G-Spot Stimulator
The G-spot stimulator in this position is, of course, your penis. As you take her from behind you can do a few things to ensure that she is getting the very best stimulation. The result of this effort will be multiple orgasms. Rather then pointing your penis into the depths of her vagina you should aim it down. If you do this then you guarantee hitting her g-spot with every stroke.

Side ways Loving
This is a sure-fire, 100% successful way to make her orgasm. You simply cannot fail. You both lie on your sides facing each other and you raise one of her legs above yours and enter her. Now you have total control of the pace with which you thrust. The one thing you should then do to make this a certainty is to use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris. With your other hand you could squeeze her nipples etc.

Ultimate Deep Missionary
With this position you want to make your penis go deeper than ever before. The way to do this is to taking both of her legs so they're pointing in the air. To take it even further you should bend her legs at the knee and push so that her knees are by her head. The result is that you give her powerful vaginal orgasms.
There is one complete way to achieve sexual prowess with every woman you encounter so you're the very best she's ever had. I used to have a tiny penis and worked hard (often failing) to make it bigger. I found a technique to improve size, stamina and hardness so that now I hit her g-spot with any position and last as long as required to give her a string of multiple orgasms.

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