Tips for Oral Sex

Top 3 Tips for Safe Oral Sex

Experts have come up with clear-cut answers to such queries. They confidently advise people to adopt safety measures like condoms even while engaging in just oral sex, that is, plain mouth-to-mouth sex. Even in this, there may be hidden dangers like the passage of infection-causing germs from the mouth of an affected partner to the other. If there is a cut, mouth ulcer or sore in your partner's mouth and you indulge in oral sex, you run the risk of contracting germs from their infected mouth.

In the same way, when you engage in orogenital sex, you are likely to come into contact with parts like anus, penis, vagina, clitoris, etc. If your partner is already infected in any of these parts, then pathogens easily enter your body through your mouth. Hence, the best advice is to wear a dental dam or a condom to make sure you prevent the entry of germs.

Many cases of herpes, genital warts and gonorrhea have been linked to unprotected oral sex. Even though there may not be a direct relationship to an STD, when minor infections are ignored, they develop into severe ailments that might take even months to be completely eliminated from your body.

As with the other types of sexual activities, try to stick to your original plans and restrain from going overboard or engaging in any such act that may cause the tearing or breakage of the condom. As such, the plastic wraps you use as a dental dam are thin; hence, take care to go about oral sex in a safe and controlled manner.

Special care should be exercised when you combine oral sex with anal sex. Maintain personal hygiene to prevent the spread of infections to your partner. Their health is equally important to yours. So, never take it easy when it comes to adopting safety measures like a condom. Sex is best enjoyed only when you feel safe and are relaxed. For this, you should ensure that both of you undergo tests to check for infections or STDs.

Instead of being overconfident about STDs, you should undergo regular tests to make sure there is no presence of infection-causing germs in your body. For example, if you have had oral sex recently, you can take up an Oraquick hiv test, in your home, to maintain privacy.
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