Tips to Last Longer Sex in Bed

Tips to Last Longer in Bed - How to Increase Your Ejaculatory Control

Nonetheless, there are some simple ways that can....
help increase your ejaculatory control so that you can last longer in bed and enjoy amazing sex.
Here are some easy and simple tips to last longer in bed:

1. Enjoy More Foreplay
I know most men hate foreplay and like getting straight to intercourse. However, this is a big blunder for many reasons. First of all, you must not rush things when it comes to pleasing your woman.
Women take time to get aroused. Secondly, longer foreplay can give you more time too. It can help warm up things and help you get a much harder erection.
You must keep in mind that rigidity of erections play an important role in your ejaculatory control. The harder your erections is, longer would you be able to last in bed.
So, the next time you get intimate with your woman, devote a good time to foreplay. I am sure both of you will enjoy that.

2. Masturbate a Few Hours Before Your Sex Session
Most men last longer in the second innings. If you ejaculate a few hours before having sex with your woman, you are going to last much longer when you are in bed with her.
This is a simple technique that can help reduce tension and make you last longer in bed.

3. Use the Squeeze Technique
This is yet another popular way to increase your staying power. Just when you are close to the point of no return, pull out and squeeze the head of your penis. This can rush blood out of your penis and reduce tension.
You can begin again after a few seconds or minutes, whenever you are ready again.

4. Use Desensitizing Condoms
Such condoms are quite popular. They contain a small amount of benzocaine or lidocaine that reduces sensation in your penis. Though such condoms can help you last longer, they can also reduce pleasure. Personally, I don't prefer using such condoms but they are a good option to increase your ejaculatory control.

5. Take Care of Your Position
Certain positions can help you last much longer in bed. Typically, positions that require you to lie on your back can help you enjoy longer sex. So let your woman be in top and allow her to take the lead.

6. Build Stronger Abs
Building stronger abs and core muscles can do wonders for your ejaculatory control and sex life. You use a lot of your abdominal and pelvic muscles during intercourse. Thus, stronger ab muscles can help you last much longer in bed.

7. Try a Natural Erection Gel or Penis Pills
Apart from the above, you can also try a natural erection gel or penis pills.
Erection gels are quite popular and can help you improve your ejaculatory control. They can also help you get harder and stiffer erections. Such gels are quite easy to use and do not have negative side effects.
Some of the ingredients used in such gels include l-arginine, aloe vera, mango butter, menthol, vitamin C etc.
Yet another option is to use a good and clinically proven penis enhancement pill. Natural penis pills have a come a long way and some of the finest ones are now backed with clinical approvals and studies.
Such pills not only help you achieve harder and stiffer erections but also increase your staying power with regular use. Such pills consist of ingredients like tribulus terrestris, shilajit, mucuna pruriens, longifolia etc.
These are powerful herbs that can do wonders for your ejaculatory control. Such pills do not have negative side effects.

So, if you want to last longer in bed, check out the best penis pills that are proven to increase your ejaculatory control by 64% within weeks.


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