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Best Sex Position Secrets - 5 Ways To Make Woman on Top Sex Positions Even Hotter

By Trey Osborne: When it comes to the best sex positions to send a woman into orgasmic bliss, woman-on-top positions are truly in the lead of sending her into a state of sexual ecstasy.
While, it is true that for the most part woman-on-top positions put the woman in control of her orgasmic destiny......

You will be glad to know that in this article you will discover five ways that you can make woman on top positions even hotter for her in a way that causes her to shift from a simple orgasm to the most earth-shattering orgasms she has ever experienced.

Best Sex Position Secrets - 5 Ways To Make Woman on Top Sex Positions Even Hotter

Before we begin to reveal to you the secrets of making the woman-on-top sex positions even better, it is important that you understand some of the reasons why it feels so good to her.
First off, the woman on top sex positions allow her to be in control and able to call of the shots during sexual intercourse. In other words, when you are on top you pretty much have control over the depth of penetration, angles, and speed; and the same holds true for when she is on top as well. Because she is in control, it allows her to relax and not worry about you going to deep and causing her pain since you can only go as deep as she lets you.

Best Sex Position Secret #1 - See if you can get her to move in small circles as she is lifting herself up and down on top of you. If you can get her to tease you a bit by rubbing your erect penis over her vaginal lips you both will be amazed at the kind of experience it can create.

Best Sex Position Secret #2 - Have her face your toes instead of your head. Feel free to hold her waist to help her move up and down and even denying her full penetration at times. Make her want to want to have all of you inside of her rather than simply letting her feel all of you.

Best Sex Position Secret #3 - Have her lean forwards or backwards in order to let her experience the variety of different sensations that come from the stimulation of all the different parts of her vaginal wall.

Best Sex Position Secret #4 - Sit on a chair with her on your lap so that she can ride you with both of her feet firmly planted on the ground in a firm and comfortable position.

Best Sex Position Secret #5 - Remember to stimulate her clitoris with your fingers while she is riding you and feel free to explore her breasts and entire body with your other free hand as well, maybe switching up hands every now and then to give her the sensation of both your hands stimulating her in all ways always.
As if these five woman on top secrets weren't enough, you will also be glad to know that applying a high quality female stimulating gel (that contains L-Arginine in it) underneath the hood of her clitoris is going to send her into a state of orgasmic frenzy so powerful and intense that she might stay there forever.

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