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http://imgmaster.net/img-53756b4e13f7d.htmlStep Sister Sex Story: Do you have sex with your step sister or step mother? My step sister is too hot, 38 breast size. Anyone will love to fuck my step sister, so do I. I fuck my step sister in her bed room. My step sister loves me, she wants more from me. Let me finish this story. This is a real story of having sex with step sister.

It was around 9:30 Friday night and I had just gotten home from running with my friends. I was tired and little drunk from three beers I sneaked at a party. My parents were still at the bowling lanes; they wouldn’t be home until after midnight. I didn’t know where my sister was but she was sixteen, I didn’t need to babysit her and I didn’t particularly care where she was or what she was doing.I headed for my room and pulled out a Indian Sexy XXX DVD and stuck it into my laptop. 

Reading Sex Story: Having Sex With Step Sister
As I got ready for bed the video started, it was a favorite Indian sexy lady story. An eighteen year old boy becomes a man with his step-mother, and then he have sex with
his step mother with a couple of her friends, and finally her sixteen year old daughter, his step sister.

Both the mom and daughter as the light fades into dark. I was seventeen and was still waiting to get my first piece of ass. I imagined myself in the video with those four hot women. About the time the step-sister was giving my hero head, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I jumped out of bed and closed the lid of my laptop and scrambled back before snarling “Who is it?” I was irritated that someone had interrupted my self-indulgence. I was naked under the blanket and my boner was aching from the pressure of built up lust.

The door opened a few inches and my sister Lisa Diksha stuck her head in and asked “What are you grouching about.
“You’re bothering me. Go away.”
“What are you doing?”
“I’m trying to get some sleep, now get out of my ***** room *****.”
Not only did she not get out, she pushed the door wider, stepped inside and closed it again. “I heard voices, you watching a movie?” She lifted the lid on the laptop and the video began to play again.
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Lisa Diksha stepped back and watched as the kid on screen rammed his hard meat into the girl and started screwing her, the step sister’s boobs were bouncing in time to the ***** she was getting. My sister turned to me and said “I thought this is what you were doing,” then backed up and parked her ass on the end of my bed and turned back to the screen “who is she?”
I wanted to shock her, to get her out of my room so I said “That’s his sister. She got too nosy so he’s raping her.”
“Don’t look like rape to me; she looks like she’s enjoying him a lot.”
“Damn it Lisa, turn it off and get your sorry ass out.” She didn’t move so I kicked at her with my foot but the blanket softened to blow.
Lisa Diksha looked over her shoulder and smiled impishly “Are you naked under there?” she quizzed.
Her question made me wary “No.”
She stood up grabbed the end of the blanket and ripped it off me and threw it on the floor, in half a second I was lying completely nude in front of her. She grinned hugely and said, “Oh my dear brother, you lied, you’re naked.” My erection had deflated a little but she stared at it then said “I’ve never seen a live penis before, is that as big as it gets?”

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I felt myself burning red with embarrassment but something else was happening to me. My penis started to grow larger again, reacting to Lisa as she looked at it. Her eyes were glittering as she glanced into mine and asked “Have you ever had sex?” I couldn’t answer her, I couldn’t make any sound as I looked back at her “Neither have I” she said, “but I want too.”
I managed to croak, “You’re only sixteen, that’s too young to be doing that yet.”
“I’ll show you my body, you’ll see, I’m old enough” she answered and began to unbutton her blouse. So this is the beginning to having sex with step sister.
Lisa peeled off her blouse, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breast rose firmly from her chest in twin mounds of smooth flesh and skin. Her nipples extended from the light brown circle at the tip of them. She was flushed around the neck and face, her cheeks glowing in the dim light. I watched, fascinated, as my sister unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She looked back at me and turned around in a full circle, showing me her body. At 5’4″ she weighed maybe around 52 kgs. Her shoulders and back slimmed to a waist I could span with one hand then flared out as her hips and ass then rounded down to firm thighs. Her panties were white lacy high cut briefs that accented the curve of her thighs and butt. She finished the full circle facing me again. I could see a shadow of pubic hair hidden behind the thin lace.

My penis had exploded to full strength while she was putting on the show, my embarrassment burned out of me as a morning fog burns off to the sun. Lisa Diksha stepped closer to the bed, looked my hard-on which was aimed at the ceiling then put a finger in the band of her panties and pulled it from her stomach then offered “You want to take them off me?”
This was too sudden, I couldn’t figure out exactly what was happening “What the hell are you doing Lisa?”
She pointed to the monitor where the kid was ***** the girl “I want to do that and I’m tired of waiting.” She looked back to me, I saw her shiver, “We can do it with each other.”
“I’m your brother, we can’t do that.”
“Of course we can, you have a stiff ***** and I have the place for it, right here.” She put a hand into her panties and rubbed her crotch. “If we do it together then we can have sex anytime mom and dad are gone. I think you could like the convenience having me in the room next to yours. Look at me, don’t I turn you on, or is that thing sticking up just a sausage you stole from somewhere?” She stepped closer to the bed, “I’m not some hot girl in a video, I’m right here” she was boldly offering herself to me.
My hands were shaking as I reached for the waistband of her panties and pulled them over her hips and dropped them to the floor. Lisa reached for my hands and held them against her hips while she swayed her ass under my touch. I was staring at the crack that curved between her legs. “Set the movie back to the first time he screws his sister, I want to see that.”

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“It’s not really his sister, she’s the step-sister.” Till now I'm having sex with step sister regularly. Now she is married, but she loves me and my style. so She come regular at fathers home to take my penis. I'm counting how many time I'm having sex with step sister. But I can, its too many.
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