Webcam Sex (My First Time Story)

When I work at Hooters and for a while dated a British guy that had been dating one of the other Hooters waitresses. She already had another boyfriend and was totally cool with us going out. After a few weeks she asked me if I had made any videos with him and I said no, why do you ask?

She said when she was dating him they had sex on video and on the webcam so his friends could watch. At that time I had not even had sex with him yet and he had not said a word about video or anything.

He texted me one night when I was working until 1am and asked if I wanted to come over for a while after work and I said yea, obvious booty call!

I was in the mood for some fun, got out of my Hooters uniform, took a shower and put on my regular cloths. When I came into the bedroom I could see he had a webcam set up and was talking to some people who were sitting outside somewhere that it was daytime. It was 3 guys and girl sitting at a outside cafe' in London. I saw people walking by
in the background and heard them ordering food.

He introduced me to his friends and I waved and said hello. They had been out clubbing all night and were getting breakfast before going home. They were all cute and obviously still a little drunk from the night out.

They asked if we are going to do a show and my boyfriend sure if it was OK with me. He adjusted the camera towards the bed, turned on a bunch of lights and showed me that we needed to watch the laptop to make sure we did not go off screen.

Fortunately I already knew what this was all about and I was taking my cloths off when I heard the people in London telling me to slow down and start over. So I did, and got naked slow making sure I was on the screen.

My boyfriend got his cloths off and hopped in bed with me and we just started doing it. I did not pay much attention to what those people were saying but we did move around so they could see everything. We fucked for a while and I gave him some head and then he got on his back and I faced the camera so they could see the fucking. I did not want him to cum inside my pussy so I started to give him some head until I got the first taste of cum and pulled his dick out so they could watch him cum on my face.

I told them it was my first time doing that on camera and they all complimented me and said they enjoyed the show.

I ditched the boyfriend because he was drinking too much all the time but I will be doing webcam in the future.