Kissing Tips

You will be surprised that many people learn how well a potential lover is in bed on the basis of the right kiss. You can make yourself a better kisser with these kissing tips:

* Forget the passionate lips that you see in the movies. At the start kissed, go slowly. Let your partner melt into the kiss.
* Do not start too hard or lips. "The careless kiss" is one of the most important complaints women have about masculine tactics.

* Before you present your tongue, use your lips to "wink" and gently caress the partner's lips.
Go too short kisses on her cheeks and neck before she can get her lips back.

* When you start your tongue, joke.
Open your mouth lightly and brush the tip of the tongue against your partner's lips. This is not only extremely sexy, it is also a great way to know if your partner wants to kiss her tongue. How can you say? He / she will return the favor.